Functional Active Mask

A new concept mask that protects the respiratory system from harmful substances and infectious agents and

provides more comfortable breathing


In order to prevent health-threatening harmful substances, masks are essential in modern society.

1. Patent application fabric

The combination of the physical capture and electrostatic capture of the patented high-density triple fabric is responsible for blocking external harmful substances and ultraviolet rays at 97% of the collection rate.

2. Antibacterial power

99.9% antibacterial power of special fabric

3. Excellent ventilation

Excellent ventilation and comfortable breathing when worn for long periods of time

Characteristic of fabric

•Apply same principle to Shema Mask

 - When using special nano fabric, fine dust, yellow dust, pollen, pests, etc. can be blocked

* Use recycled PETs as environment regeneration materials

- Special nano fabric supplied to Hanssem and LG, a domestic interior company, is used as mask-making fabric

Locally produced products that have passed rigorous product testing

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